Wednesday, 18 January 2012

2011 makes - part 2

Knits for the home
After all the baby blankets, I decided to make a grown-up version.  I started with 3 colourways of the same yarn (James C Brett Marble Chunky) and began knitting square blocks but then realised that they didn't all go together as well as I thought. So one blanket became 2, with the blue/grey/brown and brown squares making up the 1st blanket and the silver grey squares put aside for a 2nd.

The blue/brown/grey blanket is finished, and has been given to a friend as a house-warming/birthday/Christmas present. And it also has the most stylish Finished Object photo I've managed yet:

Cabled Blanket
5 blocks by 4, alternating colourways, with each block in both colourways.  I tried to get a balance between chunky cables and more "dainty" patterns, and very much enjoyed knitting the different squares.  I was pleased by how quickly they knitted up and surprised by how much less painful it was to sew together than I'd expected.
The edging was my first I-cord edging, which I tried with all number of stitches, but settled on 3 wide.  It also took a while to get the right tension for this, but I was fairly happy with it in the end.
Finished August 2011

The silver-grey blanket is still WIP.
I also bought some pink-purple yarn of the same type, thinking it might go well with the greys.  It doesn't, so I've started a 3rd blanket - this time based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's garter stitch blanket.  So far, 3 pieces have been finished, and the 4th is about 1/3 done.  Hopefully it'll be finished in 2012.
(and I'm still short of yarn, even after all the extra purchases... I need another grey and another pink/purple ball - at least!)

Ballband Dishcloth
a quick knit just for fun...
I love the Mason-Dixon knitting book, which has this design in it. Their knitting philosophy is lovely, and I just enjoy their attitude.
This cloth is being used in our kitchen, and brings a wee splash of colour to routine work.
Finished February 2011

Hexagon Washcloth

Also from the 1st Mason-Dixon book, and just for fun.
We're using this one as a potholder (and to catch the drips from my teapot when I'm pouring in the living room)
Finished February 2011

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 makes - part 1

I started the year half-way through making 4 baby blankets for friends who were expecting new arrivals. The first was born in Autumn 2010, one on the 30th December, his cousin in January and one nearer Easter. It's a bit of a cheat showing them all as 2011 makes, but I was so pleased with them that I can't resist...

Bliss Blanket No. 1

made for baby Tim, and my first attempt at entrelac. I loved the simplicity of the design, and enjoyed making this blanket (I must have done, because I started another afterwards). The yellow yarn was slightly thinner than the other 3 though, which made for a messy transition to that row each time, but not so that anyone else would mind.
Finished October 2010.

Patchwork Blanket

made for baby Grace, and probably my favourite of the 4... I loved the mitred squares, and that the stripy sock yarn made the blanket so much more impressive than it was difficult. I'll happily do another one day.
Finished late December 2010.

Mitred Square Blanket

made for baby Robyn. I enjoyed making the squares (using a pattern from the Mason-Dixon book), but found the edges were curling up quite badly when I sewed them all together. I tried putting a reverse-stocking stitch border on to see if it would balance out and it was just-about ok once I'd blocked it twice. Quite frustrating though, as I loved the colour of this yarn.
Finished January 2011

Bliss Blanket No. 2

made for baby Simeon (who's mum is a talented knitter). This time I learned from the yarn-weight difference and used two shades of the same sock-yarn. The picture doesn't quite do it justice, but I was pleased with how it worked out.
Finished February 2011.

I also made my first Baby Surprise Jacket for the first-born of a friend at work.

I did much of this while travelling to/from London by train for a few days' holiday. The garter stitch meant it was a good pattern for knitting on the move, but there was plenty to keep my mind occupied with the shaping. I loved the way the yarn striping worked out (Sirdar baby crofter) and I'll happily make another of these one day. Next time I might see if I can work out the I-cord edging.